New “Equity AI” uses quantum computing to solve racial and gender inequity.

Washington - A team of researchers have developed software that will make discrimination a thing of the past. The researchers from American University have created an artifical intelligence that they say can right the wrongs of racial, gender and other types of discrimination.

Using quantum computing, the Equity AI conducts an intersectional analysis of inequity caused by both current and historical policies and practices. It corrects for these inequities by creating new policies, procedures, and assistance programs for the affected groups.

“The AI uses a complex algorithm,” explains lead researcher Dalila Brown, “to offset the impact of discrimination. For example, with women’s salaries, it might subsidize them $0.21 cent on every dollar earned, to offset the pay gap between genders. That subsidy might fluctuate per person based on other factors such as race, income, ability, etc.”

The Equity AI uses an array of strategies to create solutions to inequity. One of its most controversial is its creation of new tax laws. What’s being referred to as a “privilege tax”, has some up in arms, as they believe they are being unfairly targeted.

Barry Reiner, 72, denounced the software as offensive. “We fought a Civil War for them. We even elected a black president! So, I don’t feel that we owe them any special privileges other than that anybody else has, any other race.”

Still, many are welcoming the new program as a sign of a new day in America’s long history of inequality. “After generations of struggle, who would have thought it would be a computer program that helped us over come these hurdles in our social and economic gains,” marveled Dr. DuBois Dean, a professor in Afro- American Studies at Howard University.

Equity AI will be doing a trial run in Philadelphia, PA where progressive DA Larry Krasner has welcomed it as a chance to transform the city.












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