Be An Afrofuturist

Octavia Over 9000

Octavia Butler with an anime twist!

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Black Futures Matter

For 500 years Black people have been trapped in a temporal loop, marked by violence and oppression. It's time to be break free, to operate outside these colonial constructs of time and space.

Join our movement. Build a new future.

Be Dope AF

Be a Dope Afrofuturist. Who says we can't create the future in style? The Black aesthetic has always been stylish and justice oriented. Carry on tradition with us.

The Future is Just!

We believe in a just future. We believe that ALL Black people deserve justice and freedom. And we believe that through the power of the Black radical imagination we can win.

Be Dope AF

Freedom Dreams

It is a radical act for Black people to imagine having a future.

- Nalo Hopkinson

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