The Day the World Went Black (A Poem)

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The Day the World Went Black (A Poem)

Slowly it rose.

It was more of a feeling than anything else.

That something was approaching.

Something powerful;


The flights flickered, bristling at its approach.

Many were unsettled.


Fear crept in the shadows of 

Their light.

They clung to it. 

It would protect them,

As it always had.

They adored their light;

Praised it.

Put it high above all else.

And were blinded by it.

Now the world was going Black.

Their light was no more.



Cursing Black skies.

The brightest couldn’t take it.

Belt tied around their necks, 

On lampposts naked 

The rest cowered. 

The last light devoured.

And those whom the light had never known

Welcomed them home.